The beer game simulation

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Injustice 4, This game is totally awesome. Supply Chain Simulation – “The Beer Game” Supply Chain Simulation Game – known as the ‘Beer Game’ is a Supply Chain Simulation activity for between 15 and 50 participants and is an experiential learning activity that powerfully demonstrates supply chain interdependencies.

Play the best Simulation Games online at for free. New games added every day. Mar 14,  · Professors Brad Morrison, Jim Hines, and Paulo Gonçalves teach their organizational behavior and supply chain management classes how to play the beer game.

To learn more about the Master of. But the Beer Game has been a durable teaching tool because it hammers home a core element of MIT management thinking: Every aspect of business is a system. A company is a system. A supply chain, which the Beer Game mimics, is a system of smaller businesses.

A factory is a system of machines and routines.

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The Beer Game (or beer distribution game) was originally invented in the ’s by Jay Forrester at MIT as a result of his work on systems dynamics.

It’s a role-play simulation game that lets participants experience the potential problems of traditional supply chains. I'm a big fan of Kairosoft (and the like) strategy RPG games and this game is very similar. You run a brewery, have four employees you level up (RPG style) and then develop, find, unlock or buy beer .

The beer game simulation
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