The bcs national championship game essay

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2018 College Football Playoff National Championship

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Auburn took control early in the final national championship game of the BCS era, building a 21–3 lead in the second quarter, but it wouldn’t be enough to separate from Heisman winner Jameis.

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Essay about Bcs National Championship Game and Bcs Bowl college football, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is the selection system that creates five bowl games regarding the ten top ranked teams. The BCS depends on a combination of polls and computer methods to determine each team’s ranking.

The BCS National Championship game was thought to give a less prejudice opinion on which teams play in the championship game than humans did. However, it has stimulated more controversy in college sports than Cal-Stanford “The Play.” The problem with the BCS teams is, it chooses two teams that are based on profit, popularity, and record.

Essay on The BCS National Championship Game - From the first two national champions, Rutgers and Princeton, to last year’s debateable Auburn national championship winning team, college football has always had difficulties deciding national champions.

The bcs national championship game essay
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