Marketing game

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In-game marketing is a simple that is used almost exclusively by higher corporations. In-game marketing is a new method of reaching consumers that still uses some traditional strategies, relying on pictures, text, and other attention grabbing features to attract consumers.

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Ideas for Marketing Games

The Practice Series from McGraw-Hill. Practice is a series of 3D multiplayer learning games from McGraw-Hill Education. Designed with subject matter experts, these products integrate with core curriculum to deliver immersive learning experiences and rich assessment capabilities.

The Introduction to Marketing simulation will introduce your students to the basic concepts of marketing.

Strategic marketing with Markstrat business simulation

They will develop and execute a complete marketing strategy in a game-like business environment. The simulation is ideal for marketing principles and introductory marketing courses.

Games are a non-threatening way to boost morale and hopefully sales. While each function of the department is important -- including sales, advertising, website support, graphics, promotions. You can not ignore mobile devices anymore and with this theme all your visitors will be very pleased how they see your website.

Audience Roulette was a game Rachel played with classmates to learn about the importance of the audience in marketing. Here, Rachel and her fellow students would focus on marketing one particular.

Marketing game
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