Lemonade stand supply and demand game

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Try your Luck at Running your Own Lemonade Stand

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Lemonade Stand Vocabualry

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Profitable choices and strategic pricing is dependent on looking at external factors and the ecosystem of markets around you. Running a Lemonade Stand!

This is a simple game that relies on student’s ability to account for supply and demand. Each day a different forecast is made, on rainy days fewer people want lemonade, on hot.

Start studying Econ Final 5. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. The area below the demand curve and above the supply curve measures the producer surplus in a market.

True. Suppose Jan started up a small lemonade stand business last month. Variable costs for Jan's lemonade stand now. This game is designed to show you the roles of supply and demand using the fast-paced business setting of lemonade sales.

Please read the instructions and play a round or two of the game. After you are done, write a paper reflecting on your experience ( words minimum).

Lemonade stand supply and demand game
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