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Funeral Blues by W. H. Auden

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The doggies are not wanted now; put out every one, Shovel up the moon and dismantle the sun. Auden exhibit example essay funeral blues by w. W.H. Auden wrote the poem. Wystan Hugh Auden () was born in York, England, and later became and American citizen. Auden was the founder for a generation of English poets, such as C.

Day Lewis, and Stephen Spender. Audens earlier works were composed of a Marxist outlook with a knowl. The title "Funeral Blues" was used in a publication 3 years after Auden's death, presumably with the knowledge and permission of Auden's literary executors, amongst whom was Edward Mendelson, unchallenged in his role as Auden's chief editor, biographer and critic.

Essay about Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden - W.H. Auden wrote the poem, “Funeral Blues”. Wystan Hugh Auden () was born in York, England, and later became and American citizen. Auden was the founder for a generation of English poets, such as C. Day Lewis, and Stephen Spender.

Auden’s earlier works were composed of a Marxist outlook. ‘Funeral Blues’ by W.

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H. Auden is a poem is about death and grief. It was originally written as a satirical poem about the death of a politician, though was later edited to become solemn.

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The poet effectively conveys aspects of change, such as the human condition in relation to the experience of loss. The poem funeral blues is written by W.H. Auden in and its main themes are time, death and love. The lyrical I in this poem is a love one left behind, who describes the funeral of a man, the feeling involved and the future ahead.

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Funeral blues essay
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