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Caribbean Project: Review: The Rise and Fall of the Plantation Complex

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Spanish Culture

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History of Spain

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Middle Ages

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Women were really homemakers. In the history of Europe, the Middle Ages (or Medieval period) lasted from the 5th to the 15th began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Middle Ages is the middle period of the three traditional divisions of Western history: classical antiquity, the medieval period, and the modern period.

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The history of Spain dates back to the Middle balmettes.comHabsburg Spain unified a number of disparate predecessor kingdoms; its modern form of a constitutional monarchy was introduced inand the current democratic constitution dates to After expelling Muslim rulers in the Reconquista, the Crown of Castile began to explore across the Atlantic Ocean inexpanding into the New.

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Spain's political culture in the post-Franco period, however, is still developing. The most local representative of national government is the.

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